QAF enhances TestNG data provider by providing intercepter and in built data providers that supports different external data sources. To make any test data driven you can use @QAFDataProvider or @Metadata annotation on java test method, where test get executed for each data set provided in external data file. For BDD and KWD you can specify it as scenario meta-data.

In-built data-providers

Meta data

Following are meta-data for test case used by QAF to specify data provider:

Meta-data key Type Comments
dataFile Data-file path csv, xml, json, xls file for data driven scenario
sheetName Text Used for Excel file to provide sheet name for the data driven scenario
key Text Used with xml data, to specify node of xml tree or data table key for excel data table
SQL query Text To use database, sql query is required to get data from database.
dataProviderClass Fully qualified class name required if you want to use custom data provider (since 2.1.12)
dataProvider name of the data provider required when you want to use custom data provider (since 2.1.12)
filter logical expression Filter to apply on data set returned by the data-provider that returns List of Maps. (since 2.1.14)
indices List list of indices (base 0) to filter (since 2.1.14)
from number start index (base 1) for range filter (since 2.1.14)
to number end index (base 1) for range filter (since 2.1.14)

parameters in meta-value

You can use any property in value of meta-data for data provider. It will get resolved using configuration manager. In addition to that following special parameters will be available.

  • class - name of the java class
  • method - name of the java method
  • meta-key - any meta-key from test case meta-data

Test data Filter

You can filter specific test data by providing logical expression or list of indices or range.

Data provider Intercepter

Implementation of QAFDataProviderIntercepter interface can be registered as QAFListener to intercept test data provided by Data provider in data driven test case. you can use it to process or apply filter.

Configure/Override DataProvider

Moreover, you can configure/override DataProvider Meta-data. To configure meta-data globally for all data driven test you can set property “global.testdata”. Below are examples:


 #setting data file and sheet name to use excel file

 # multiple meta-data as map
global.testdata={'dataFile': 'resources/data/testdata.xls', 'sheetName':'${class}','labelName':'${method}'}
global.testdata=dataFile = "resources/data/${class}.xls"; sheetName="${ method }"
global.testdata=key="${ method }.data"

In above example you can notice ${class} and ${method} parameters are used which you can use as per the requirement.

To set data provider parameters for individual test method you can provide property as below:
login.testdata={'dataFile': 'resources/data/testdata.xls','sheetName':'login'}
login.testdata= {'sqlQuery':'select col1, col2,col3 from tbl'}

Priority for meta-data to take effect is:

  • Meta-data set using test method specific test data property, i.e. “.testdata"
  • Meta-data set using global test data property, i.e. “gloabal.testdata”
  • Meta-data provided with test case using annotation or as scenario meta-data

Compete Example

Consider following test data specified in CSV file.

recId username password isvalid expected_msg
Wrong password chirag12 test123 false Invalid Username Or Password. Please Try Again.
Wrong User name and Wrong Password test wrongtest false Invalid Username Or Password. Please Try Again.
wrong Username chirag abc123 false Invalid Username Or Password. Please Try Again.
Wrong Password,admin,admin,false,Invalid Username Or Password. Please Try Again.
Wrong Username and Password,Admin,Admin,false,Invalid Username Or Password. Please Try Again.
Wrong Username,admin,admin123,false,Invalid Username Or Password. Please Try Again.

Record Summary Field

In test-data example above, you can observe that there is additional field named recid. You can add one of the following field in your record to provide information about the data row.

recid / summary / tcid / testcaseid

If any of the above fields provided then value of that field will be appended in test case name in report.


@QAFDataProvider(dataFile = "resources/data/logintestdata.csv")
@Test(description = "login functionality test")
public void login(Map<String, Object> data) {
    LoginPage loginPage = new LoginPage();
    boolean status = loginUtil.doLogin(data.get("username"), data.get("password"))
    Validator.verifyThat(status, Matchers.equalTo(data.get("isvalid"));


Scenario: example
Meta-data: {"dataFile":"resources/data/logintestdata.csv"}
	Given use is on login page
	When login using '${username}' and '${password}'
	And store into 'status'
	Then verify that '${status}' is '${isvalid}'
	And verify error message '${expected_msg}'

Method arguments (Java Only)

Map argument

@QAFDataProvider (dataFile = "resources/data/logintestdata.csv")
@Test(description = "login functionality test")
public void login(Map<String, Object> data) {
   //implementation goes here

one or more complex arguments

@QAFDataProvider (dataFile = "resources/data/logintestdata.csv")
@Test(description = "login functionality test")
public void login(LoginBean user) {
   //implementation goes here

@QAFDataProvider (dataFile = "resources/data/mytestdata.csv")
@Test(description = "login functionality test")
public void myTest(LoginBean user, Item item) {
   //implementation goes here