Using QAF you can integrate any Test Management Tool to update Test-Result after test execution completed.

  1. Create a class which implements TestCaseResultUpdator interface.
  2. Specify qualified class name in result.updator property.
  3. Overide methods to provide test management tool specific implementation/method calls

TestCaseResultUpdator interface defines following methods.

boolean updateResult(Map<String, ? extends Object> params,TestCaseRunResult result, String details);
String getToolName();


package com.qmetry.qaf.automation.integration.example

public class ExampleResultUpdator implements TestCaseResultUpdator{

	public String getToolName() {
		return "Example";

	 * This method will be called by result updator after completion of each testcase/scenario.
	 * @param params
	 *            tescase/scenario meta-data including method parameters if any
	 * @param result
	 *            test case result
	 * @param details
	 *            run details
	 * @return

	public boolean updateResult(Map<String, ? extends Object> params,
			TestCaseRunResult result, String details) {

		// Provide test management tool specific implemeneation/method calls
		return true;


Registering class for Result updator

To register result updator class set property result.updator